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1510 Protector Carry-On Case


Ahg Anschutz -PELLET-BOX

Ahg Anschutz -PELLET-BOXTo store your pellets.- Easy handling. - Suitable for cal. 4.5 mm (.177). - For 100 pieces of Diabolo pellets.

Ahg Anschutz Tigger glove Basic

TRIGGER GLOVE BASICThe tophand of our Trigger glove Basic is made from lightweight and breathable spandex for perfect fit and a palm made of durable Polysuede with ventilation holes. The useful Quick-pull help simplifies pulling off the gloves.Sizes: XS – XL Material: 73 % polyamide, 14 % polyurethane, 12 % elastane, 1 % polyester

Ahg-COMFORT SHORT Shooting Gloves

Open 5-finger-glove from a combination of leather and temperature regulating fabric VELON which give the following advantages:
  • The glove stays soft and smooth even in cold, therefore comfortable wear.
  • Water-resistant and temperature regulating.
  • Top Grip sheet avoids the sliding of the sports weapon.
  • Short thumb and index finger for a problem free loading of the sports weapon.
  • Ahg-COMFORT SHORT Shooting Gloves

ahg-IRIS DISCS (5-color filter and full polarisation)

With 5-color filter and full polarisation:
  • Eyepiece with color ring SMALL.
  • Adjustment range 0.5 - 3.0 mm.Color filters:
  • Light grey, dark grey, orange, yellow, C 41 blue.Polarisation:
  • Two independently adjustable pol-filters.
  • Incremental dimming.
  • Seperate adjustment for polarisation and dimming.
  • Filters may be swung aside giving a direct target view.
  • Also available with (S) black eye piece.

Air Weapons Refilling Cylinder 200 Bar, 6Ltr-Dräger

Air Weapons Refilling CylinderAir Weapons Refilling Cylinder 200 Bar, 6LtrBest heavy quality breathing cylinders used to refill pcp compressed air cylinder of air weapons used in shooting sport.
  • Available in 200 bar
  • Available in 300 bar
Light weight cylinders available in both 200/300 bar

Anschutz Aluminium Butt Plate

The aluminum butt plate can be screwed on directly to all stocks with straight stock ends.Adjustable (mm): 60 mm Weight (g): 225 g

Anschutz Bipod Free

No vibration thanks to spring technique. Safe deposition of the rifle before, during and after competition. The basic body is formed from hard plastic, therefore small total weight of only 95 g

Anschutz cotton wicks for cal.177

100 pcs. ahg-cotton wicks for cal. .177 made out of 100% cotton ideal for air guns

BALLISTO Gun Parts Cleaner 250 ml

  • Ideal for degreasing and cleaning all weapon parts (very high material compatibility)
  • Thanks to the high pressure and the brush attachment, even stubborn dirt on surfaces and guides can be gently removed.
  • Very effective cleaner that simply rinses even in hard-to-reach places.
  • Ballstol cleaner for weapon parts with citrus power - pleasant fragrance and ventilates without leaving any residue.
  • Contents: 1 x 250 ml can

Ballistol Robla Solo Mil Barrel Cleaner -65 ml

  • Robla Solo Mil is a potent barrel cleaning agent that removes iron,copper,tin,zinc and distract residues
  • Gun Oil Volume of 100 ML

Ballistol Spray 50 ml | Air Gun Lubrication

  • The universal oil -
  • well-tried and unequalled! For maintaining metal,
  • wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animals' coat and much more.
  • Ideally suited for handicraft, industry, agriculture, household, gardening, vehicles, fishing, hunting and shooting sports.