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1510 Protector Carry-On Case



- Clip-on blinder for the non-aiming eye.- Can be flipped up when not shooting.- Comes with a rubberized clip for non-slip and secure attachment to any standard eyeglass frame.- Comply with ISSF rules.

Corami- Pistol Shoes

One of the most stable shooting sports shoes probably of all time. Popular thanks to the anatomic fit and the innovative features. The pistol shoe of CORAMI meets all requirements of world champions and Olympic champions.

Easy Top Sauer Pistol Shoes

The EASY TOP sports shoe from Sauer is a further developed version of the well-tried forerunner model Easy Style Flex.Besides the fundamentally new look, the EASY TOP comes with several new design features:                                  The four-unit extension of the lacing allows an even better fixation of the foot inside the shoe, as well as optimized ground contact for the shooter.

Foldable Ear Muffs

  1. Noise Reduction Rating: 23 db. – Easily disassembled for cleaning for a more hygienic earmuff for the wearer. – Wide soft cushion for increased comfort. – Wide soft cushion design for increased comfort for wearer, better attenuation compatibility. – No direct air leaks into the ear cup for higher attenuation.

ISSF Blinder Clip (for All Glasses) (According to ISSF Regulated Shooting Sport Equipment)

  • Can be Used as a Blinder on any Glasses, Frames, Headband
  • Strictly According to the ISSF Regulations
  • Make in India
  • Self Reliant India
  • ISSF Blinder Clip

Knobloch Iris Shutter 37mm

  • The Knobloch Iris Shutter is ideal for pistol or rifle shooters, who shoot with open adjustment. This replaces the diopter and improves the focus (depth of field). It just clips onto the lens holder from behind to avoid disturbing reflexes in the lens. It can be used for right or left aiming shooters. The iris shutter guarantees a brilliant, sharp aiming picture.
Iris shutters are available for large and small lens holders. The 37mm shutter suits K1 and K4 shooting glasses, while the 23mm version suits K2 shooting glasses.

Knobloch K1-P Shooting Frames (Without Iris)

  • The K1-P has been specially adapted for pistol shooters. The fabrication is the same as the K1 however the fabricated height is smaller. The adjustment of the nose piece is from 30mm to 40 mm because the glasses for pistol shooters do not have to be placed so high.
  • 15-20 Days Delivery Time.

Morini – Wooden Grip for CM 162EI


Morini grips with anatomical profile are made from walnut and are 100% hand made in MORINI factory Switzerland.

The entire “weapon side” process of the grip is made on CNC machines and by hand.

Morini – Wooden Grip for CM 162EI

Morini 162EI -Rink-Formgriffe Grip


Morini 162EI Grip, electronic trigger with two micro(AAA)-batteries

Morini Refilling Adapter

Suitable with all Morini Air pistol Cylinders.