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Ahg Anschutz Tigger glove Basic

TRIGGER GLOVE BASICThe tophand of our Trigger glove Basic is made from lightweight and breathable spandex for perfect fit and a palm made of durable Polysuede with ventilation holes. The useful Quick-pull help simplifies pulling off the gloves.Sizes: XS – XL Material: 73 % polyamide, 14 % polyurethane, 12 % elastane, 1 % polyester

Ahg-COMFORT SHORT Shooting Gloves

Open 5-finger-glove from a combination of leather and temperature regulating fabric VELON which give the following advantages:
  • The glove stays soft and smooth even in cold, therefore comfortable wear.
  • Water-resistant and temperature regulating.
  • Top Grip sheet avoids the sliding of the sports weapon.
  • Short thumb and index finger for a problem free loading of the sports weapon.
  • Ahg-COMFORT SHORT Shooting Gloves

ahg-IRIS DISCS (5-color filter and full polarisation)

With 5-color filter and full polarisation:
  • Eyepiece with color ring SMALL.
  • Adjustment range 0.5 - 3.0 mm.Color filters:
  • Light grey, dark grey, orange, yellow, C 41 blue.Polarisation:
  • Two independently adjustable pol-filters.
  • Incremental dimming.
  • Seperate adjustment for polarisation and dimming.
  • Filters may be swung aside giving a direct target view.
  • Also available with (S) black eye piece.

Anschutz Aluminium Butt Plate

The aluminum butt plate can be screwed on directly to all stocks with straight stock ends.Adjustable (mm): 60 mm Weight (g): 225 g

Anschutz Bipod Free

No vibration thanks to spring technique. Safe deposition of the rifle before, during and after competition. The basic body is formed from hard plastic, therefore small total weight of only 95 g

Barrel Jacket

- Weight 100 Grams. - Fits on all Competition Air Rifle. - As per ISSF Rules. - Lifetime Rust Free Warranty

Barrel Weight

  • -Barrel Weight weighs 30 Grams.
  • Fits all Walther LG400 Series Air Rifle.
  • -Comes with Lifetime Rust Free Warranty.
  • -Easy to install.

Barrel Weight for walther

- Weight 30grms. - Made of Stainless Steel - Perfect fit for Walther LG 400 series - Comply with ISSF Rules.

Buttplat Carrier

- Ideal for Walther LG400 & KK500 series. - Time Saving for 3 Position shooters while switching between position. - It comes with rod length of 6.5 CMS & spindle.

Centra Front Sight Tunnel mod. Glas Cube

  • Free-floating ring.
  • Outstanding contrast.
  • Improved spatial perception and balance thanks to the vertical lines of the Cube.
  • Compatible with other centra & MEC sighting elements, such as front sights, filters and front sight optical systems.
  • Replaceable sight dovetail, compatible with all standard match guns.
  • Centra Front Sight Tunnel mod. Glas Cube

Centra Front Sight Tunnel mod. Glas Cube IL

  • Same as the Glas Cube but with an integrated bubble and two red dots for monitoring canting in smallbore disciplines.
  • The two red dots perform another fascinating function. Since the human eye almost automatically focuses on the colour red, a shooter’s attention is drawn straight to the front sight. We see the front sight in focus!
  • Centra Front Sight Tunnel mod. Glas Cube IL