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Feinwerkbau Model 800X Laminated Wood Red

With the 800 series, Feinwerkbau sets new standards in terms of firing performance, quality, functionality and design in the field of match air guns.Feinwerkbau Model 800X Laminated Wood Red

Feinwerkbau Model 800X-Black

From 2017 the permitted maximum height of the front stock from the centre of the barrel to the bottom edge of the hand rest, was increased from 90 mm to 120 mm. Spacer Set for hand rest for increasing the fore-end heightFeinwerkbau Model 800X-Black

Hammerli AR20 Pro Right Medium Deep Blue

Hammerli AR20 Pro Right Medium Deep BlueA sophisticated match air rifle. The AR20 is a sophisticated sporting arm with a 300 bar compressed air system, an aluminium stock with a wide range of settings and a finely adjustable match trigger. It’s perfect in every detail, from the design to the accessories to the precision mechanism.


HÄMMERLI AR20 PRO SilverGet the right start. To get the right start in sport shooting, you need your own rifle, and the Hämmerli AR20 air rifle is the perfect choice. It has all you need for fun, and it will help you become a good marksman.

NX100 Club Elite Plus Air Rifle

NX100 Club Elite Plus Air Rifle Like its predecessor, the NX100 Club Elite Plus is the go to air rifle for break barrel competition shooters in India. With the Nitro Piston technology, an enhanced trigger, improved butt ergonomics and the proven accuracy of Precihole Sports Club models, the new Club Elite Plus delivers the best performance for open sight target shooting. This perfect combination of features makes it India's No. 1 open sight competition air rifle.

Precihole Athena NX200 Nitro Piston

Precihole Athena NX200 Nitro PistonThe next generation air rifle in the NX series , NX200 Athena is everything you wished for. It's super accurate, classy to look at and packs maximum power within legal limits. It sports a classic style stock with fleur-de-lis checkering, butt cap, butt pad and a metal trigger guard. The air rifle gives you more power with just 30mm increase in length from the NX100 model. It's the perfect companion for fun shooting and open field target shooting - Precise, Powerful and Pretty too.

Precihole PX100 Club Pro Junior

Precihole PX100 Club Pro JuniorDesigned for young shooters, the Club Pro Junior brings in simplicity but with the precision of a Match Rifle. It is light in weight, has an excellent trigger, no Recoil, an ambidextrous match stock, a high precision barrel and 20 Clicks Aperture sights for ISSF-type shooting at an affordable price.

Precihole VX100 Spartan Mark 2 Air Rifle

Precihole VX100 Spartan Mark 2 Air RifleThe VX100 series is all about performance without the cost. The Spartan air rifles come with a precision rifled barrel, metal front sight, precision adjustable rear sight and automatic safety. In addition to these robust features of the Spartan model, the Spartan Mark 2 brings in an enhanced stock and trigger.  The product built on the idea to bring the proven features and precision capabilities of Precihole Sports products without being heavy on the pocket. The Spartan mark 2 is a real bargain!

WALTHER LG400 Anatomic-M

WALTHER LG400 AnatomicGo for gold with WALTHER guns. Successful sportsmen choose WALTHER. They have garnered gold medals and titles with air guns of the LG300XT Series.

Walther LG400-E Alutec Expert

Walther LG400-E Alutec ExpertThe time is right for the E. The top model Walther LG400 Expert is now available with electronic trigger for bench rest shooting. In particular bench-rest shooters make high demands on the performance of the rifle.

WALTHER LG400-E Anatomic

Go for gold with WALTHER guns.WALTHER LG400-E Anatomic Successful sportsmen choose WALTHER. They have garnered gold medals and titles with air guns of the LG300XT Series. How can this string of victories be continued in the future? The reply of WALTHER‘s engineers: with the LG400. 

WALTHER LG400-E Monotec

WALTHER LG400-E MonotecBest Performance – Best Design – Best Variability. The new Monotec stock combines the versatile adjustment possibilities of the KK500 stock with a unique suspension. The action is not mounted in the usual fashion on the receiver but instead right on the barrel. The advantage is that vibrations from firing are prevented from being transmitted to the barrel, where they can adversely affect shooting performance.